• Collective Invention is a social innovation practice. We help people doing good do it better.


With a small team of partners based in San Francisco, Collective Invention enjoys a network of affiliates across Europe, Australia and Asia. Partners’ backgrounds include, among other things, scenario planning, design, ethnography, organizational development, psychology, research, innovation strategy, architecture, and strategic multi-stakeholder facilitation.

Erika Gregory

Erika Gregory is Founder and Board Chair (2005) of Collective Invention and Co-Founder (1997) of The Idea Factory, an innovation center based in Singapore. She has been instrumental in the development of tools and methodologies that support social innovation. She has coached boards and leadership teams across Europe, Southeast Asia and the United States, focusing on the role of leadership in fostering innovation culture. Erika has designed and managed projects for senior leaders and their direct reports in government ministries, industry consortia and Fortune 100 clients.

Erika GregoryFounder & Board Chair
Fiona Hovenden

As Collective Invention’s President and CEO, Fiona Hovenden provides leadership and direction in our social research work, in the development of toolkits and other products, and in the creation of content for immersive futures. She is an experienced qualitative researcher, with 20+ years of research experience, and primarily uses the practice of ethnography to support social innovation. Her interests are focused upon the capabilities for creating sustained change, and the role of narrative and a variety of art forms in helping to catalyze change and action.

Fiona HovendenPresident & CEO
Alexa Gregory

Since 2007, Alexa Gregory has been working with the Collective Invention team to build a successful consulting and tool building company that makes the world a better place. A lifelong entrepreneur, she brings experience from a thirty-year career in starting and managing businesses.

Alexa GregoryDirector of Finance
Jenny Hoang

Jenny Hoang focuses on strategic initiatives, strategic foresight and design strategy at Collective Invention. Her background in advertising began with legal research and trademarks, and transitioned to business development, creative strategy and consumer insights. She has worked with for-profit businesses from start-up stage to Fortune 500 companies, non-profits and social businesses.

Jenny HoangDirector of Strategic Initiatives
Arnold Wasserman

Arnold Wasserman is co-founder of Collective Invention and chairman of the Idea Factory. He has been named one of “20 Masters of Design” by Fast Company magazine and held the positions of Vice President of Corporate Industrial Design/Human Factors at NCR, Xerox, and Unisys Corporation. He has also been Dean of Pratt Institute’s School of Design; Senior Fellow for Design Strategy at IDEO, a product development consultancy; and Director of Design for the Raymond Loewy design office in Paris.

Arnold WassermanSenior Advisor & Co-Founder
Clark Kellogg

Clark Kellogg focuses his work around hybrid uses of design strategy in communication, new media, organizational leadership, and facility design and planning. He began his career as an architect. His first real job was in the Design Arts Program of the National Endowment for the Arts where he helped launch a program of designers-in-residence in K-12 schools across the country.

Clark KelloggProgram Design & Facilitation
Sonya Lopes

Sonya Lopes has joined the Collective Invention team to aid in designing engagements for clients that are both strategic and innovative.  Over the past 20 years, she has sharpened her experience in the public education transformation sector, primarily coaching education leaders to develop social justice oriented outcomes and strategies,  provide leadership for human-centered execution of strategies, and build talented teams to sustain improvement over time. Sonya earned her B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an MBA from Santa Clara University.

Sonya LopesStrategy and Engagement Advisor
Judi Brown

Judi Brown works with Collective Invention as a design strategist, bringing her multi-sectoral, multi-disciplinary approaches to strategic planning, research, facilitation and social impact metrics to the practice. She holds a master’s degree in sustainable public administration and policy from Presidio Graduate School, where she honed her passion for transformational social change into the development of practical tools for meaningful action.

Judi BrownDesign Strategist
Patrick Lee

Patrick Lee is an independent consultant assisting schools, districts, and reform support organizations with designing and implementing evidence-based systems and processes.  He brings over 15 years of professional experience in program and policy evaluation; data, assessment, and accountability systems; and ethnography and strategic planning.

Patrick LeeSpecial Advisor on 21st Century Learning & Assessment
Myrna Newcomb

As Design Consultant at Collective Invention, Myrna Newcomb creates visually compelling reports and publications for our clients. Throughout her 12 years of experience, she has developed a thoughtful approach to design, balancing the need to communicate with a desire for design aesthetic.

Myrna NewcombDesign Consultant