Over the past decade or so here at Collective Invention, we have honed our practices in order to give our clients the most impactful, creative and invigorating services in social innovation. As we continue to deepen our process we also iterate our offerings and customize individual projects to make them relevant to each client’s context.

Service Offerings:

Visioning – an inspirational process that engages your organization, or collective’s, internal and external stakeholders to create a shared description of the future you want. The process guides the alignment of various interests and maximizes impact. The final visioning document acts as a filter for decision-making and a horizon point for people to work toward together

Strategic Planning – a unique strategic planning process that creates or revisits your organization’s guiding strategic elements including Vision, Mission and Values and then deepens the work through the development of actionable strategic initiatives. The final result is a concise, visual, memorable version of your strategic plan (follows Visioning work or can be a standalone offering)

Learning Journeys – a process that goes beyond site visits by training participants as “mini-ethnographers” in a curated experience that exposes you to homologous and analogous examples offering insights into key issues you are exploring in your work. The journeys inspire new concepts and approaches and result in actionable ideas for immediate adoption or prototyping (incorporated in the Visioning and Social Innovation Systems work or as a standalone offering)

Social Innovation Studio Bootcamp + Design Challenge – a social innovation capacity building process that trains participants in innovation frameworks that include strategic foresight, systems perspective and design thinking. Through a bootcamp as well as a hands-on design challenge participants prototype solutions to real-world problems of practice (follows Visioning or Strategic Planning work or as a standalone offering)

Social Innovation System – a leadership training process for social sector leadership teams that coaches you to turn your organizational system into a social innovation system (follows Visioning, Strategic Planning or Social Innovation Studio work or as a standalone offering)

Social Innovation Leader + Collaboration Coaching – individual coaching for social sector professionals that will enhance your ability to lead innovation and collaboration within teams (follows Visioning, Strategic Planning, Social Innovation Studio or Social Innovation System work or as a standalone offering)

Contact us to learn more about each of these services and how we can partner with you and your organization.